Alternative/EDM Band IIIz Release New Single “The Light”

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Everyone knows that EDM has many different genres, but what happens when you create your own? Just ask California alt rockers IIIZ, as they have successfully combined alternative with the electronic world.

They are still relative newcomers to the music world, as they have been performing with each other for about four years. With the release of their self-entitled album, IIIZ hopes to show that there is no way that EDM can be limited.

Two standout tracks from the album are “Run Away” and “The Light”. “Run Away” shows listeners the more alternative side of IIIZ with the help of Sen Dog of Cyprus Hill fame while “The Light” combines co-lead singer Mari Brossfield’s melodic voice with a catchy yet almost ghostly beat.

IIIZ are from Palm Desert, California, the birthplace of the mega festival Coachella.  While most of the bands songs are written by lead singer Ison Van Winkle, he then works with his band members to fine tune the sound outside of the computer where they were created. IIIZ have also been known for their impressive live shows including stage lasers, co2 cannons and heavy fog bringing to life lighting in a 3 dimensional way.

Lead singer Ison brings a deep melodic tone to the songs reminiscent of Depeche Mode, and other ’80s sounds. Co-lead singer Mari Brossfield lends a nice melodic female touch to the band, making them diverse from a typical alternative band. Jacob Guiterrez is on bass guitar hitting a thumping bass sound that makes the floors shake; Jacob is definitely a bass player for the future. Keyboards also fill the band’s music as Ison and Mari both play on several keyboards during the songs. The drummer, Ross, hits hard and creates smooth jamming rhythms that work in perfect unison with Jacob on bass.

 IIIZ are definitely born for the future of music adding a heavy electronic sound to alternative songs that delve into EDM music.

Make sure you check out the entire album below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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