Ask A Raver ft. Adam P

What’s up friends!? Hope you all are having a great week! Did you catch last week’s edition of Ask A Raver? If not, check it out here. This week we are talking with Adam P. from California who is a thirty-year-old raver. He has been in the scene for just three years and is energized by the genre Hardstyle. Adam’s first event was the Electric Daisy Carnival in 2012.

10632668_10202320975295718_3306586293445928702_n (Adam P. on the right.)

What brought you to the scene?

I always loved the music and the people so that’s what attracted me to the scene.

Do you have a rave name/family?

My rave name is Genesis and I don’t really have a rave family. I hang out with a couple but not officially apart of one. My girlfriend Nicole is my main rave family. I’m also the one that really introduced her to raving.

What are your thoughts on PLUR?

I think PLURR is amazing. It’s become a way of life not just at festivals but in my everyday life. I think the world could really take notes on the lifestyle that true ravers live. It’s a lot like the message Woodstock tried to spread. I love the scene but I’m just afraid that so many people see it as a bunch of kids getting together and getting high. It might get ruined by irresponsible kids. There’s so much more to it and you really can’t explain it to people who’ve never experienced it.

What are your thoughts on Kandi?

I’m all for Kandi. It brings people together and into new friendships that you’ll never forget.

Would you let your kids rave? (If you already have them, if you plan to have them, and when they are old enough, of course.)

I would absolutely let my son rave as long as he was responsible. It’s a truly amazing experience and I would love for him to live it.

Do you see yourself raving for the rest of your life?

I don’t exactly see myself raving for the rest of my life but I know PLURR will always be apart of my life. I know I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Any advice for newer ravers?

Be responsible and do it for the right reasons like the music, atmosphere and amazing people. If you choose to heighten the experience with drugs then know what you’re taking and how much. Try to get with someone who has experience with that type of drug and let them show you how to do it responsibly. Also don’t be afraid to talk to people or ask for help, you’ll meet some of the most amazing people and have an experience of a lifetime. And most importantly stay HYDRATED!


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