Bass Musician Statik Link Releases New Single, “We Lit” Ft. Roc $irReal


We are back with yet another hip-hop and EDM collision – just taking a different approach. As we prepare for the Renaissance that Statik Link is about to unleash on us, we the people are provided with a hyped up anthem to get us ready for the rumble.  

Fresh out of the studio, the notorious and beloved bass duo Statik Link, shares with us the second single, “We Lit”, off their forthcoming Renaissance EP. Statik Link was able to snag the stylistic talents of rapper/film director Roc $irReal, which is able to elevate the track to a whole another level.

“We had recently worked with Roc $ir Real on a collab we did with Drbblz x Tovr and thought he would be a perfect feature for our new project. We went in on making “We Lit” to be a more aggressive, club type record that featured our more gritty and heavy bass sound, but wanted it to appeal more to our hip-hop side. We had been experimenting with more industrial type sounds and had strung together a few samples that reminded us of classic trap music. After laying down the beat we sent it to Roc to lace and he crushed it! This EP is like a movie, and We Lit is that action, get your blood pumping type shit!”  – Statik Link

The track barely gives us a taste of what Statik Link has created. “We Lit” is just an icing on the cake for what the Renaissance EP will bring us.

Feel free to stream the track below, and stay tuned for the release of the Renaissance EP in its entirety on March 17.

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