Bobby Puma Releases Monumental Collab with Tiesto for “Making Me Dizzy”


When you think of deep bass, Bobby Puma may not be the first name that comes to mind.

Well, we need to change that quickly.

An up-and-coming producer and genre-bending DJ from San Francisco, Bobby Puma has exploded onto the scene with quite the entrance. First producing his previous track “Deeper than Love” over on Armada Records last month, Puma has now been granted the opportunity to collaborate with the man Tiesto himself for his latest track “Making Me Dizzy”.

Beginning with a hardcore bass line and a well-fitting sample of “Autoshutter” by Plexus, Bobby Puma is ready to get your feet grooving on the dance floor. There is no way you will hear this song and not just want to burst out in a dancing frenzy.

Bobby Puma is not a producer whose sound is easily classified – he has proved his talent for versatility by varying his music from groovy progressive house, like “Deeper Than Love”, to the electro-influenced, hard-hitting house of “Making Me Dizzy”. In the modern dance music scene, the dynamic ability to create innovative music that blurs lines between genres is essential to a producer’s success and longevity. Bobby Puma has proved that he has what it takes to become a major player in the industry, and legends like Chuckie (who he has also collaborated with) and Tiesto believe it too.

Keep an eye out for more music from Bobby coming soon; you’re guaranteed to be both surprised and impressed.

Be sure to check out the single below. Out on Musical Freedom today, “Making Me Dizzy” will be the perfect track to kick off your 2016 festival season!

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