Classical Composer Starts EDM Label – and His “Horizon” is Broad

Adam Reifsteck is getting ready to release his first electronic EP, Horizon, next month — but this producer isn’t new to the music scene.

A talented composer with roots in music technology, Reifsteck is known for his work in New York’s classical music scene.  Yep, that’s right — the musician with experience writing for choirs and string quartets has now turned his direction towards producing dance music with keyboards and computers.

His studio alias is Sonic Fear, and his new EP showcases more styles of dance music than I can fit in this article.  The ideal release in my opinion, though, squeezes energetic, progressive hits next to ethereal, trance-like vocal tracks – and Horizon accomplishes just that, and everything in between.  The common theme to the EP resembles a journey through space, and takes the listener through an immense library of genres and out of this world.



However, broadening his production style is not the only project Reifsteck has launched.  The Horizon EP will be released on his new EDM label, Teknofonic.  Talk about an artist who wears many hats!

But can a classical composer really satisfy our tastes for beat-pumping dance music?

Reifsteck addresses the surprising yet beautiful correlation between the two poles:

“We see similarities in both the classical and the electronic dance music communities where a growing number of artists are refusing to accept the mindset of aligning themselves with specific genres of music and social norms… Audiences are now demanding more adventurous styles of music.”

Reifsteck goes on to explain the goal behind his newfound label: “Teknofonic Recordings will be a forward-thinking label that will help artists harness that synergy to create a new breed of music.  Together we will create a space for the genre-defying sounds that fall outside the mainstream.”




From Reifsteck’s words, it’s obvious that the entrepreneur has a larger goal in mind, to create synergy that will fuse together elements of all types of music over history to create a spectacular melting pot of sounds.  After all, music has and always will continue to transform, until even the word “genre” is outdated.

Although his Horizon EP under the handle Sonic Fear is the first release on Teknofonic, the album is just the beginning.  The label is actively seeking artists who share the same vision, creating universal music that is more timeless than trendy. For any artists who are interested, visit Teknofonic’s website for more information.

The Horizon EP by Sonic Fear will have a global release date of May 12th. To hear more from Sonic Fear, check out his Soundcloud.

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