Daphni – JIAOLONG by Caribou

The electronic project by Daniel Snaith (also known as Caribou) has come out with a new album under the moniker, Daphni, entitled JIAOLONG. The album contains 9 tracks all written and produced by Snaith except for track 2 which is a mix he did of the group, Analog Africa. My favorite track would definitely be the first one (titled “Yes, I know”) because of the uplifting horn sounds as well as the vocals. It reminds me so much of the Jazz/Funk era. It is just the perfect way to invite you into this album. Then it moves on to a tribal conga rhythm that still has the same vibe as the first track. From there it moves to a more cyber electronic feel. Something amazing to look forwards to is around the 1:35 mark on track 4 (lights.) It’s just the way the bass gets to your throat sort of to the point where you are literally ingesting the music. After that it goes back to the tribal rhythms with a futuristic blend added into it. The album finishes off with a couple more electronic melodies as well as “sweat-dripping-off-the-ceiling basement banger” beats. I honestly preferred a little more jazz/funk added into it to because it seemed like it was really going in a great direction with the mixture of these genres. Overall though I recommend this to people who were around the time of the jazz/funk era, especially the first track. I wasn’t born then but this makes me wish I was. Plus, who doesn’t like to conga??

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