Exclusive Interview: Kicks N Licks

12486013_954383684597910_2764064524758537971_oKicks N Licksa San Diego-based duo, has been keeping their fans busy as they release new track after track. They released their Kicks N Licks remix of Ember Island’s cover of The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” earlier this  month, and just released their ID Mix 2016 last week. I got the chance to chat with the guys to find out a little more about their release of “Mind,” featuring MitiS and Lauren Hunter.

Amber: How did you develop the track “Mind?”

KNL: This track always has had a chill mellow vibe to it. It was actually written as just an idea at first. Then when Lauren added her vocals, it became more of a full track, and after working back and forth on the internet with Lauren, we ended up with “Mind.”

Amber: What was your inspiration for the track, and how did you determine which direction you wanted to take it?

KNL: The inspiration behind the track was to try and make something that is for outside the club. Something that you can listen to and feel the vibe and feeling.

Amber: What production techniques did you use to create “Mind?”

KNL: This track has a minimal vibe to it. I think the percussion is a big part of the feeling to the track. Obviously the vocals are the main part of the song, and keeping it simple musically allows for the chill spacey vibe of the track.

Amber: What advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

KNL: [Our] advice to aspiring artists is to just put in the time and never feel limited to what you make as long as you enjoy doing it. I think diversity and trying new things is really important for an artist to grow.

Amber: What are your spirit animals?

Andy: Not sure what animal I would be. Maybe a bear.

Jerrod: Haha not sure, maybe a monkey

Amber: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

Andy: I would love to be playing big festivals and incorporating more live music and vocalists into our sound. Also really interested in making other types of music, such as soundscapes, films, cores, etc. And as always, making new music and exploring new sounds and genres the whole time.

Jerrod:  Not sure- [I] don’t have 20/20 vision… just kidding. I would also love to be playing festivals and playing a live set. [I would] also continue to work with new vocalists, because I have really enjoyed working with vocalists and creating full original content, rather then having to remix a track just for the vocals. But what ever it is, as long as I’m still creating and traveling, I will be stoked.

Be sure to check out the guys’ newest release, ID Mix 2016.

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