Exclusive interview: Sava & Razz

DJ duo Sava and Razz were not only popular with their many fellow Penn State festivalgoers, but they were a hit with the entire Abroadfest crowd. The guys closed down the Day Rage Party following AlunaGeorge, and also closed out the final set of Abroadfest 2015 after Cedric Gervais.


Sava and Razz aka Christian Petredis and Marc Razziano have been spinning together for a little over a year and half. Razziano has been DJing for the last 3-4 years, but grew up playing the piano and guitar, while Petredis started writing house music three years ago and has been playing the piano and saxophone for over 18 years.

Amber: Where did your name come from?

Sava: It’s my middle name and Razziano’s last name. Christian and Marc wasn’t cool enough.

I joked that it could sound like a boy band, or a Disney show, and Sava added, laughing, “It’s the sweet life of Christian and Marc.”

Amber: What’s your favorite part of DJing?

Sava: The energy when everyone is anticipating a big drop, then you lay it down, and everyone is in the moment together.

Razz: I enjoy having control over a huge crowd.

Amber: How would you define your style?

Sava: Of the music we’ve written, it would be more progressive house/electro house, but we mix it up with everything.
Amber: Where have you guys played?

Razz: We’ve played in BCN last year, all over New York City, Mexico, and college shows. We’ve also opened up for Hardwell, Dannic, Lil John, and Fedde la Grande.

Amber: What do you think about when you first get up in front of a crowd in a new city?

Sava: I’m looking for the cutest girls.

Razz: We’re judging the atmosphere, judging how they’re reacting to what’s currently being played, and we want to continue that into the set.

Amber: What’s the funniest thing that you’ve seen at an event?

Sava: I can tell you the not funniest thing that happens- when the DJ equipment either malfunctions, or if it’s just shitty equipment, and you have to adjust on-the-fly. You can’t make your set as good as you want it to be because you’re limited by the hardware. You’re at the mercy of the club by what they have.

Razz: Not here of course, but sometimes.

Amber: Do you have any advice for other artists?

Sava: Be prepared to struggle a bit.

Razz: Listen to as much music as you possibly can, and YouTube is your best friend.

IMG_3922 (2) Amber: If you could rave anywhere, where would you go?

Sava: I’d say Barcelona, I love this city.

Razz: Here, based on what I’ve seen. Also, Australia.

Amber: What do you love most about the EDM community?

Sava: People bond through the music and they’re nice to each other. Nowadays, nobody talks to each other or says hi, but at festivals and shows, everyone is happy to be alive and open to talking.

Razz: They’re very friendly and everyone’s really open.  

Thanks to the guys for taking time out to talk to us, and be sure to check out their latest single released on March 31.

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