“Fire and Lightning – The Lightning Side” New Album From EDM Rapper Frequency


EDM…rap? Not the first combination that comes to mind.

Arizona rapper Frequency has broken new ground by discovering the genre of EDM Rap. His new album released this month, entitled Fire And Lightning-The Lightning Side, is a unique blend of Frequency’s rap style and a trap/dubstep beat that will tear the roof off easily. He began work on the album in September of 2015 and recorded 24 songs at Park Style Records in South San Francisco, California. He has so far recorded 35 songs which some will make the double genre album and some will be saved for a future project.

Fire and Lightning-The Lightning Side brings a very different side of EDM (and hip-hop for that matter) to the attention of fans of both genres. Not sure where to start? We highly recommend “Crank It Up” and “Click Clack”, as both expertly show just exactly what Frequency can do. “Crank It Up” impresses listeners with meaningful lyrics and a sick trap beat while “Click Clack” shows off Frequency’s more hip-hop side. Could this be the future of hip-hop?

Learning to rap at just a mere 9 years old, EDM rapper Frequency (real name Cj Kerns) was raised in a challenged environment moving from house to house growing up. His lyrics are based on his real life experiences growing up in a broken home. He was discovered by Randolph and Ditch in August of 2015 after his sister, model Amber Kerns, recommended they take a listen and was later signed by Hood and Associates. They quickly recognized that Frequency has what it takes to tackle both the rap and EDM genres.

Feel free to stream the album in its entirety as well as the music video for one of Frequency’s earlier singles “The Long Run”.


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