“In My Mind” Axwell Remix

Axwell takes Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl’s “In My Mind” featuring Georgi Kay and turns it into a danceable house anthem. With catchy beats and melodies, along with uplifting lyrics we can all see why this song has swept the United States, as well as the EDM population. Ivan Gough is one half of the famous Australian duo TV Rock, along with partner Grant Smillie. Feenixpawl is made up of Aden Forte and Josh Soon with the vocals featured by Georgi Kay. We all may know Axwell from the famous electronic dance trio Swedish House Mafia, as well as being a Swedish record label owner, remixer, DJ and record producer.

Born on March 15, 1993 as Georgina Kingsley, she is most commonly known by the stage name as “Georgi Kay”. The nineteen year old is known as an indie pop musician based from Perth, Western Australia. Known for delivering a “stunning indie-pop performance well beyond her years with vocals and lyrics to be expected of someone far more seasoned in the music business” states Kristy Symonds Live, The Drum Media March 2011. She has already won a 2010 Western Australia Music Award (WAM), and been nominated for a 2011 Independent Music Award for best Indie/Alternative/Hard Rock Song.

Most people out there will scroll through various music -related websites and iTunes not realizing what they’re missing out on. This is one of those songs that, if one passes by it they will regret it. The song containing lyrics such as “The dreams we had, the love we shared, This is what we’re waiting for”, are words we can all relate to. Who doesn’t love a progressive house anthem with upbeat lyrics to cheer up they’re day? It’s definitely a remix worth listening to, and sharing with the people in our lives.

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