Minnesota’s Back With New Remix “Where Are U Now”

minnesota_ember_islandLet’s face it, remixes of originals are getting old. So why not remix a cover? Take notes from Minnesota everyone.  The successful bass music producer out of Northern California, Minnesota is never out of surprises. This time around, he decided to take the highly successful Jack U hit “Where Are U Now?” and remix it. The original you ask? Not this time, instead remixing Ember Island’s chill cover of the hit. Get Justin Bieber out of there!

This new remix elevates Minnesota to the next level of bass music. Unlike his other bass-heavy offerings, Minnesota brings a lighter touch but gladly accepts the  help from Ember Island. These two pairings are like a dream come true, creating yet another remix that is even better than the original track. Bring on the chimes.

You can listen to track here:

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