MyStro presents Storylines – Orjan Nilsen

Welcome to the rebirth of an old friend!

The MyStro Storylines Show is now simply MyStro presents Storylines – an interview series focused on dance music culture from the perspective of your favorite producers and deejays.

For this first episode, I touched base with Orjan Nilsen, the Trance and House producer from Norway – the Viking of Dance, after his debut at Dreamstate USA. The event featured an all Trance lineup and was a first in the US.


In the interview, we dove into a number of topics including how he felt about the event, what he felt the event could grow towards, what he loves about producing, who he would love to produce with, dealing with the traveling world of deejaying, and some tips for the future.

So rock it with me as we discuss how awesome the world of dance music is!


Orjan Nilsen, MyStro, and firends at Dreamstate USA 2015

From left to right: Huggy Bear, Orjan Nilsen, MyStro, Josh Taylor
Captured at Dreamstate in San Bernardino, CA


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Note: Unfortunately at the time of publication, submission of video clips as suggested by Orjan has ended.  We regret any who wanted to be a part of this unique opportunity and missed it.  However, we felt the message delivered is still really important.

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