Nathaniel Knows and Dirt Monkey Release “From the Back” for the Cause

From The Back

A benefit about being apart of the EDM community is the opportunity to give back. Two bass producers, Nathaniel Knows and Dirt Monkey, they decided to make that next step.

In this massive heavy bass collaboration, Nathaniel Knows and Dirt Monkey tap into their roots to produce an awesome breakbeat track that every EDM fan can kick back and enjoy. Already premiered on January 13, “From the Back” is the newest single from the From the Back EP. This breakbeat style is easily described by Nathaniel Knows himself.

Head ups, the official music video will drop on January 27, so keep your eyes peeled for it cause you’re going to LOVE it.

When I was first getting into electronic dance music, Breaks was my favorite element. I loved hearing all the drums, pads, vocals fade out and leaving with you just the percussions, it touched my soul, which is one reason I really stuck with dance music. Dirt Monkey is a fellow break lover, so when we came together to do the song, we both knew where our focus was. We wanted to create something that showed our fans and listeners what we loved. The song within itself means a lot to the both of us but adding on the charity aspect makes it more meaningful to me and my fans. As a Veteran myself, I want to give back to fellow soldiers who are in need.”
– -Nathaniel Knows

Nathaniel Knows Press PhotoBoth producers are known for their heavy bass bangers and for their outrageous online presence. Nathaniel Knows is known as a social media guru, with over 2.1 Billion impressions; it’s safe to say Nathaniel knows the internet. He’s able to post whatever he wants and his fans are supportive, in over the last year his presence has doubled. Teaming up with another producer such as Dirt Monkey, who has already been an inspiration to Knows, brings out the purity to this release. These producers put their talents and hearts together to create a breakbeat inspired bass single, with the unified goal in to help others.

A track is always just a tad bid better when it is done for a cause. All proceeds received from “From the Back” will be donated to the Clinical Veterans Program at Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles (you can learn more about the organization at their website You can donate or purchase the track over on Beatport.

Be sure to listen to the track below.

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