Netsky “Works It Out” with Digital Farm Animals

With two albums already under his belt, Dutch based producer Netsky is doing big things. Ironically, the idea for his stage nickname originates from a computer virus with the same name. Unlike his major hits in the past, his newest single Work It Out [ft. Digital Farm Animals] starts with a simple piano tune followed by vocals, then begins to pick up the beat until it drops with his infamous drum and bass instrumental combo.

He has yet another hit on his hands, which will fuel your everyday commute or next pregame event. This isn’t the first Netsky song that Digital Farm Animals has assisted on – he also was featured in Netsky’s hit Rio which is another banger.

Nick Gale, otherwise known as Digital Farm Animals is a London based songwriter and producer. He’s known for his mix of a classic ’80s disco vibe, while still implementing a contemporary feel. They’re a match made in electronic heaven, keep a lookout for this duo as they continue to stay on top of the music charts.

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