Stööki Sound Releases New Remix of Grandtheft’s “Summer in the Winter”


Let’s face it, sometimes a remix is better than the original. Stööki Sound really hits it out of the park with his re-imagining of Grandtheft’s “Summer in the Winter”, the newest remix to reach out ears. 

Stööki Sound takes an almost ghastly approach to the track, providing us with an ethereal experience that transcends the track. The remix creates an entirely different track with enough groove to soothe our ears into a world of relaxation and yet provide an almost haunting experience.

Stööki Sound’s remix of Grandtheft’s “Summer in the Winter” is just one of the standout tracks from the upcoming Mad Decent “Quit This City” Remix EP Other artists include  Champagne Drip, Drops, Kid Kamillion, Pusher, Smalltown DJs, Spenda C, Damaged Goods, and Swick.

The EP provides a different style each go around, and allows you to experience each artist’s style. From ambient and drum and bass to trap and hip-hop inspired, their is bound to be something on the “Quite This City” Remix EP for everyone. 

Want to download the EP? Follow on over to the Sound Cloud page below for a free download link!

You can listen to the whole remix EP, including Stööki Sound’s remix of Grandtheft’s “Summer in the Winter” below:

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