The Lucent Dossier Experience…Something Everyone Needs to See


My first time visiting the Regency Ballroom, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

How can I explain what the Lucent Dossier Experience is about? I can’t; that is the easiest way to explain. The show was incredibly entertaining and surreal at the same time. Let me start from the beginning…

JOill opened up the show. JOill’s first half of his set was awesome. He blended oriental and almost Arabic sounds over an electronic house beat. I was up front rocking the entire time…until it disappeared. After about 30 minutes into his set, he transitioned to generic dance music. It felt like he just reused the same beat/bass line for at least three different songs. I grew tired/bored and awaited what I actually came to see.

You can check JOill out here:

The Lucent Dossier Experience show was definitely not what I expected…to an extent. This time around the company decided to focus on more acrobatics rather than fire dancers and sword swallowers. Their contortionists and acrobatics were impressive, keeping the audience and myself thoroughly entertained the entire show through. There were some songs that took a more surrealist approach to their music, with one song being about women empowerment to just showing to what lengths the human body can go.


Lucent Dossier advertised this as a new format and a different show than what they are used to, and it makes complete sense. This show is perfect for smaller venues like the Regency Ballroom, especially since their fire acts might light something on fire. I would like to see one of their performances at a major festival, just so I can compare. Nonetheless the Lucent Dossier Experience is one that you will surely be amazed by.

For an alternative, check out the below video. Lucent Dossier actually lent some of their troupe to assist Panic! At The Disco.

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